As a woman in over twenty or transiting from the ages of 20 losing weight can be a sort of challenge.

It’s a time where you launch you career, pursue your goal or even start a family.

All these changes coming up all within a short space of time could take a toll on your weight.

With all the stress that accompanies this transition, you may have to leave your home while being confronted with the sudden availability of fast food.

Also being a career woman may have stymied your weight loss efforts even more.

Adding pregnancy and parenthood to the mix and achieving your weight loss goal may look more elusive than ever.

Adulthood is a great time to part ways with some unhealthy habit and practice.

In this article we have put together 7 weight loss tips for women over 20 years.

1. Ditch fad diets and Embrace Nutritious Diets

Maybe you have been experimenting with extreme calorie cutting and restricting fad diets in your teenage age, its time to ditch them.

Swapping out unhealthy foods for nutritious one gives you benefits beyond just losing weight.

Now that you are an adult, its time to make the right choice when it comes to what you eat.

Vegetables and fruits can form a bedrock for your diet, while supporting it with lean protein and whole-wheat carbs.

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