You’ve heard that to lose weight especially fast you have to consume foods with less or zero calories.

If you’re looking for a list of those type of low calorie foods to help your weight loss journey.

… Then you’ve come to the right place.​

Not only are these foods good for your health, They’re delicious and you’ll find snacking on them great for your overall health and fitness.

Your body will have no issue processing these foods, metabolizing them faster than foods which contain more calories.​

Recently, we also published a list of foods for slimmer stomach, while this post is more comprehensive than that, You’ll still find checking it out after this post very useful.​

So without further ado, Lets get started shall we?​

1. ​Asparagus

Asparagus is topping our list of low calorie foods.

You might have seen a recipe for making asparagus as a food that boost your metabolism in this post we published earlier.

Asparagus goes with almost any food and is very rich in many vitamins & minerals including ​fiber, folate, vitamin B1, vitamin K and so on. Asparagus is best prepared and eaten when grilled.

Can also be eaten raw when added to salads.

Sick and tried of not losing weight?

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