For the complete package and total nutrition and for the sake of making healthier meals as well.

Most people think making healthy meals is hard and requires a lot of work, so is healthy eating in general. But the thing is it isn’t hard at all.

All you need know is the nutritional benefits provided by different food items, consume when you can to reap the benefits and that’s it. In today’s post, we’re looking at seven healthy food items to include in your next meals.

The best part? They’re not only fit for inclusion into your foods.. Some of them are also and even best consumed alone or raw.

As you go through this article you’ll discover everything you need to know about these healthy foods you can add to your next meal for complete nutrition.

Are you ready?

1. Tomatoes


There is no doubt that tomatoes are one the most used ingredient, most people prefer their tomatoes cooked and turned into soup while others love their tomatoes raw in salads.

Whichever way your heart loves it make sure you never miss a serving of tomatoes in a day.

Research shows that a compound known as lycopene found largely in tomatoes acts as an antioxidant hence decreasing the risk of bladder, stomach and rectal cancers. Among other reasons why tomatoes make their way into the worlds healthiest food on the planet is that:

  • Tomatoes have the ability to lower blood pressure.
  • They help reduce cholesterol levels in the body and protects the heart tissues.
  • Tomatoes help your digestion the outer cover is made of thiamine and fibers to make sure your digestion runs smoothly.

Healthy foods to keep you in shape all year

Well there you have it, tomatoes are good for you any day, anytime.

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