If this is the year you’ve committed to losing weight but for many reasons haven’t been able to see tangible results, making these 7 diet changes will make a huge difference in reaching your goal in 2019.

We’ve done it and believe You can do it as well!

1. Eat Veggies at Every Meal

If you only eat veggies at dinner time, this tip is for you! Include veggies at every meal, even breakfast. Try mashed beans in your oatmeal or cucumber in your smoothie.

And instead of snacking on processed carbs like crackers, go for carrot chips to satisfy crunchy, salty cravings.

2. Make Lunch Your Biggest Meal

Consuming more calories midday than at breakfast or dinner ensures you have enough time to burn all those calories. Think of lunch as about 40 percent of your total daily calories.

Swap Artificial and Processed Sweeteners For Natural Sources

3. Go Vegan Once a Week

Atleast once.

To encourage you to eat veggies, fruits, legumes, and whole grains, pick one day a week to go vegan.

Skipping meat, dairy, and eggs will allow you to focus on eating all those plant-based foods experts are always telling us to eat more of.

4. Have 1 Huge Salad as a Meal Once a Day

Whether it’s a quinoa and black bean mason jar salad for lunch or a roasted butternut squash and kale salad for dinner, eating a salad for one meal not only helps you get your share of fiber and veggies, but since it’s low in calories, it’ll help you lose or maintain weight.

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