If you’re trying to lose weight with diet and exercise, daily weight fluctuations on the scale can be frustrating. It can be hard to tell if your program is working when the scale bounces up and down.

But those daily weight changes are often due to water retention.

So how do you get rid of water weight? Medical sources reveal the best methods to help you reach your goal and to stay safe.

Why Do I Have Water Weight?

According to Dr. Kathleen Wyne your weight can fluctuate significantly in the course of a day.

Dr. Wyne is a board-certified endocrinologist who practices at Ohio State University.

She says that while a 5-pound weight change is typical for most people, the number can be much higher if you are overweight or obese.

“In a person with a body mass index of 40, 50, or more, there can be a 20-pound weight change in the course of the day.”

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So why do these daily weight fluctuations occur? In many cases, the cause is water retention. Dr. Wyne says that the food you eat can cause your weight to shift during the day.

According to one study, about 22 percent of our water intake comes from food, although the number can vary depending on your intake of fruits and vegetables.

And increased carbohydrate intake can also cause fluid retention.

Dr. Wyne also explains that salt sensitivity can cause you to gain water weight.

She says that if you are insulin-resistant you may experience more fluid retention. But anyone who takes in too much salt or who is highly sensitive to salt may feel bloated and want to lose water weight.

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Safe Ways to Get Rid of Water Weight

So if most herbal treatments to get rid of water aren’t effective and unregulated water pills have the potential to cause harm, is there any safe way to get rid of water?

There are a few methods that might help.

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