Bigger, firmer, rounder, fuller… probably every woman wants this when it comes to the breasts.

But as you age, your breasts start to sag. Not only aging, there are many other factors also involve that cause breast sagging, also known as ptosis.

Breast sagging. Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, bad dietary habits and weight gain or loss are some of them.

Your breasts are just made of fat, glands, ligaments and milk ducts. They don’t have muscles to hold them up. And they lose their elasticity and firmness.

There are many kinds of different surgeries that can fix your saggy breasts.

But if you don’t want to go through those expensive and painful medical surgeries, in this article you will find 7 effective ways that can firm and lift up your breasts.

1. Run From Quick Weight Gain and Weight Loss

If you are gaining weight or losing weight in a short span then your breast start to sag.

How to fix sagging breast naturaly

Your breasts are supported with elastin and collagen. Every time when you lose or gain weight, these tissues stretched to force the skin around breasts to lose firmness.

Here’s some simple weight loss tips for women.

2. Practice Perfect Body Posture

Now, this is a most common habit that causes breasts to sag fast. If you are sitting in a bad posture for long hours, it leads to sagging breasts. Bad posture is also not good for your back.

So make sure your body posture should be upright. You can use ergonomic furniture to avoid bad posture while working.

Here are some simple body toning exercise moves especially for women 🙂

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