BEACH SEASON – the time of year when bikinis, shorts, skirts and dresses are all in style. Clothes get shorter and lighter to compensate for the summer heat.

The less you wear, the more in fashion you seem to be. It pays to have the bod to match the outfits so you give up your favorite desserts and cut down on the calories you take in per day.

We all know there’s no easy way to get rid of excess weight. It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to hit your target. Water and weights become your new best friends, but when you start to see the results of all your effort, it becomes worth it.

We’ve come up with a list of the things you can do to help your body burn the fat that it needs to.

1. Take Up A Sport

Whether you’re with friends or are going solo, taking up a new sport can be both fun and exciting.

You get to enjoy the activity while working out and burning calories. It requires you to engage in a lot of extra movements which can target your muscle and cause them to start building.

Improving on the sport you choose can make you feel good about yourself and encourage you to work harder. Plus, you gain new friends.

2. Be Flexible With Your Workouts

Change it up every so often to keep your session interesting and challenging.

The body gets used to the routine we carry out and, soon enough, they are not as effective as they used to be.

You need to change your exercises regularly to keep engaging your muscles and reap better rewards from your workout.

Studies have shown that you get more from a 45-minute circuit that uses the entire body than from a 75-minute routine gym workout.

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