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From the basic to the bizarre, we’ve compiled 12 weight loss tips you’ve never tried. If you’ve reached a plateau or you’re struggling to shed those last five pounds, give these unique strategies a try.

1. Practice the 20-Minute Rule

Dish out proper portion sizes each time you eat. If you finish one portion and are craving a second helping, wait at least 20 minutes to see if you still feel hungry.

It takes our bodies this long to recognize that we’re physically full. If your stomach’s still rumbling after 20 minutes, help yourself to more food.

2. Check Your Meds

If you’re checking all the weight loss boxes and are still having trouble keeping the pounds off, take a second look at any medications you’re taking.

Common antihistamines (allergy pills) block the body’s natural histamines and can impact your fat breakdown. Birth control pills may cause fluid retention, which can lead to weight gain.

3. Use the Glycemic Index

If keeping track of your health-conscious diet is making your head spin, try eating according to the Glycemic Index. The index, or GI, measures your body’s glucose response to certain foods.

Stick to foods that rank low (below 50) or medium (between 50 and 70) on the scale, and practice proper portion control.

Visit the Glycemic Index Foundation for more information and to see how certain foods rank.

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