Ugly is a subjective term, but it’s pretty accurate in the cases listed below.

And, whilst all dogs have a special canine appeal that makes them adorable, there are some cases where that special appeal is not aesthetic.

Apologies if your ugly dog or ugly dog breed is on the list. We are are only having some fun.

1. Dandie Dinmont Terrier

The Dandie Dinmont, named after a farmer in Sir Walter Scott’s novel Guy Mannering, is another small dog.

In most regards the breed’s appearance is quite pleasing and a far cry from being described as ugly: except for the Dandie Dinmont’s characteristic topknot of hair.  Bad dog or bad hair day?

2. Standard Schnauzer



It’s not that the Schnauzer is ugly – it’s just that this breed of dog never looks happy.

With a bearded appearance that’s reminiscent of a gruff and disapproving uncle, and an angular head that looks like it’s been crudely carved from a block of wood, the Standard Schnauzer is never going to be described as a canine pretty boy.

3. French Bulldog

Without trying to be insulting (because you don’t have to try with this ugly little mutt) the French Bulldog looks like a Chihuahua on steroids and a carb-hi diet.

A lovely dog that’s rich on personality but far from photogenic.

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